"Now that the physical science is clear, the fundamental problem of climate change is psychological"
Brick & Van Der Linden, 2018

Image by Wonderlane

A recent report by Microsoft found that Ability to action sustainability  strategies is the No. 1 sustainability challenge for 43% of UK leaders, 15% of the staff we surveyed have received training on sustainability, while only 12% claim to have a say in their organisation’s green policies. 


The biggest challenge for organisations is not writing a climate change or sustainability strategy, it is putting it into action. 90% of the world’s emissions are now covered by NetZero targets albeit only 5% of these are robust. This gulf between intention and action is due to behaviours, choices and motivations. 


We provide bespoke Masterminds, team coaching and individual coaching programmes for organisations, which want close the gap between intention and action by engaging employees and supporting them to identify their motivation and take responsibility for action. Our Masterminds, coaching programmes or training programmes provide the human element that makes a climate strategy robust through genuine employee engagement and behaviour change that result in positive impact. They drive the effective implementation of organisational climate change and sustainability strategies. 

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