Do you see a gap between where you are and where you want to be?
Do you want to live your values, find meaning in your work and do what matters the most?
Do you want a future where you are playing an active part in creating a sustainable world?

Life in the 21st century is fast and complex. Many people feel like they are getting swept along with the current. The gap between concern or anxiety and action is full of dissonance, avoidance and distraction. We feel small and powerless. We are afraid of standing out or upsetting others. We hope that someone else, or human ingenuity, will save the day. We are simply too busy dealing with challenges of daily life. But we do want to live in a healthy and happy world!

Ecollective helps individuals build bridges from where they are to where they want to be, playing their part in sustainability journey. We offer a range of programmes designed for people who want to take steps towards a more resilient and impactful life where purpose and planet are aligned. We support them in their emotional response - fear, anxiety, anger, frustration - and work as a committed partner to translate these concerns into committed actions.

Our programmes support them in finding their piece of the global puzzle and transform their concern into a clear and purpose-drive pathway to action. Simply choose one that you feel is the most relevant to you.


Our Mastermind programmes are a catalyst for deep learning and positive impact. You step into a safe and brave space with aligned peers and embark on a journey of self discovery and collective action.


You might be feeling the need to step forward and take greater action to respond to the climate and biodiversity emergencies or social injustice. You might feel isolated, looking for inspiration or seeking likeminded people to share the journey with. If either of these resonate then MASTERMINDS are for you.


Masterminds combine personal discovery, visioning, action planning, “the doing” and learning from it. They bring together people with a common mission or goal and are built on the commitment and collaboration of those who attend. 

Image by Rabah Al Shammary
Image by Ian Schneider


If you are re looking for a space to pause and reflect, share your concerns about climate change and find a support network; or if you want to talk about your passion for ecology, explore possibilities to create a sustainable future, and hear about the experience of others, then COMMUNITY GABFESTS are for you.


What if you knew that you can make a difference to the Planet?

What if you could be that change you want to see?

What if you had someone who could do it with you, a trusted companion?


If you want to connect your desire to create a better world with what makes you thrive, then COACHING is for you.

We offer individual and team coaching that is a catalyst for the individuals, teams and leadership transformation in your organisation.

We work closely with you to understand your objectives and explore their meaning alongside what the world needs. We partner with you over the serious of session to challenge, create awareness, discuss choices, review decisions, identify barriers and learn from the success.


We will be privileged to support you in making your visions come true. We will invite you to explore different